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"I just felt the need this morning to let you know how much I appreciate all you do for us. New opportunities exist now that I never before understood or even supposed would exist. The future looks exciting (even though I know there's still a long, hard road to walk), and a large portion of the credit for that belongs to you."
Chris Empey
R&E Cleaning & Restoration

"Your leadership and ability to get things done are an inspiration, and you continue to help me grow in so many ways on a daily basis, personally and professionally. I can't thank you enough for all that you do and continue to do. I look forward to all my success ahead!"
Kelly Steen
ICC Restoration & Cleaning Services

"Tim has proven himself to be the real thing; a consultant that can see through to the heart of a situation, recognizing aspects that other people miss, to create real world solutions to serious business problems. I have the highest respect for his abilities and talents."
Pat Harmon, President

"Over my many years of working with BDA Tim has become so involved in my business that it's hard to remember that he's not an employee. Not only has he provided a wide variety of successful marketing programs but he has also become a trusted advisor. It's really important to me to have an outsider who is also an expert in our industry to use as a sounding board as I face the critical decisions necessary to grow my company."
Mike Rusciolelli, Managing Member
Evans Garment Restoration, LLC

"There are times when an expert, outside perspective is invaluable in order to see your business challenges in perspective. By functioning as an independent third-party, Tim has been able to develop market research that we would have been unable to obtain any other way and has helped us use that information to help rework our overall strategy and make significant positive changes throughout our organization.

"In addition, Tim has really become a part of our team and has undertaken major projects to reposition the company to take advantage of market opportunities we were missing. He continues to remain enthusiastically involved to help implement his recommendations. As I've told him, don't expect a thank you card and a bouquet of flowers, but we do thank Tim for the tremendous efforts he has made on our behalf."
Rob Hanks, President
Bridgepoint Systems, Inc.

"I wanted to tell you how much I loved your involvement in Atlanta. Wow, what good information and the energy with which you communicate it. Great stuff. I have been working on several programs to implement from the seminar."
Joel Justice
Bluewater Restoration, Jarvisburg, NC


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