Scary Sales Numbers That Make You Think

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Sales and sales management can be somewhat mysterious to business owners that don’t have a sales or marketing background. But like everything, there are best practices to follow once you understand what they are that will absolutely deliver better results.

Here are some statistics based on Objective Management Group’s evaluations of 30,000 sales teams and more than two million salespeople.

• 31% of companies don’t use a CRM. (Yikes!)

• 44% do not have a way to track the opportunities in their pipelines

• 89% do not qualify their proposals

• 54% do not track win rates

• 74% do not track the length of their sales cycle

• 40% do not track the number of opportunities in the pipeline

• 65% do not track the quality of the opportunities in the pipeline

• 35% do not track margins!

• 90% do not track the number of meetings required to close

• 96% do not track the cost of a sale

While not every company and sales department is the same, if you recognize yourself in even a couple of these statistics it might be time to have someone take a look “under the hood” and see what is going on and what needs to happen to fix it!

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