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The Power of Scripting

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Many salespeople don’t like the idea of scripting or sales scripts. But let’s dig a little deeper.

If you think about it, most of what we now profess to know was something we learned in school, reading or on the job. While we may have original thoughts or make new connections, the vast majority of what we know and therefore say about the world are basically scripts that we have learned along the way.

There are conservative scripts and liberal scripts, hunter scripts and vegan scripts, you get the idea.

As business and salespeople, we are in the communications business. How effective we are at communication in many ways determines our success. So, it makes sense that we take great care to be skillful at the things we say—doesn’t it?

That’s why when a salesperson tells me they don’t like scripts I ask them to tell me what they used to say to the question, “So, tell me about your company—what do you guys do?” at their last job.

There are only two outcomes to this. If they have been at their position for a long time or are very skillful, they come out with a very polished description focused on the pains that their customers have that is natural and self-assured.

More often the result is a halting, stumbling, word salad that communicates little and therefore is unlikely to move the sales process along.

Here’s the bottom line. Professionals use sales scripts and then use their “sales fu” to make them their own.

When’s the last time you worked on your scripts?

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