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When business owners are looking to grow their companies, they often don’t realize that businesses reach “inflection points” where the company gets stuck. Essentially, the company needs to change, to be made new in terms of some people, processes, systems, technology, etc. to advance to the next level.

Another way of saying this is that companies don’t outperform their leaders. And it’s not just knowledge. It runs deeper because a business is the reflection of its owner—warts, psychological issues and all.

One of the most important things that business owners looking to grow must acknowledge is their own ignorance and arrogance. Of these two, ignorance is the easiest to deal with. After all, ignorance is simply not knowing something and that’s easily curable.

Arrogance is far worse because it is the attitude that I don’t need to understand myself and my business more deeply. That the blocks to growth couldn’t have anything to do with me and the work I need to do on myself. After all, look how successful I’ve been so far!

Another way to think about this is that arrogance is the opposite of willingness. And that willingness is on the part of the business owner who understands that business growth starts with the themself!

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